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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Can Cell Phones really make Popcorn?

Growth of telecom has been one of India’s greatest success stories. Mobile communications are now fundamental to business operations, individual lifestyles and the welfare of the Indian economy. As of date there are 900 million mobile subscribers in India and is expected to reach 1.159 billion by 2013. In the recent years, concerns have been raised about alleged adverse health effects from the operation of mobile communications technology.
Have seen videos showing popcorn made on mobile phones. Now that’s simply impossible. Because ringing the phones doesn’t help because they’re interfering with each other and receiving a signal from a cellphone tower not transmitting it. Furthermore, while it is possible to heat with sound, it’s not likely to happen at the low volume emitted by a mobile phone.
This is just an example of how information is misrepresented to create negative concerns amongst the users. This is despite independent research programs, expert reports, major scientific reviews and advisory bodies around the world continuing to conclude that, based on the current weight of scientific evidence, there are no known adverse health effects from exposures below international guidelines.
Hence, it is very important for every individual to base their beliefs on proven facts rather than viral videos and talks.
Through this blog, I aim to bring across several facts about telecom emissions which a user may or may not be aware of.